10 Tips that Lash Extension Experts Want you to Know

10 Tips that Lash Extension Experts Want you to Know

Lash extensions are a joy to have to give yourself a boost in confidence, and it is also a convenience to your daily beauty regiment. Whether you are an experienced lash extensions enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of lash lifts, extensions, and perms, there’s always tips and pointers to learn along the way. You may already know simple tips such as no mascara is for the best with lash extensions, but it never hurts to learn more! Here are our top 10 tips from lash extension experts that can take your lash extension game to the next level:

1. There’s no such a thing as one look fits all for volume sets

Volume lashes come in different volumes – depending on the skill level and years of experience of your lash artist, the type of volume can vary. There are beginners as well as advanced volume sets that depend on your lash artist’s capabilities. Advanced volumes are darker and more uniform, as you see mostly on social media, whereas beginner sets are sparser in between the lashes. It’s important to discuss the expectations and outcomes you want before you begin.

2. Clean lashes have greater results

Dirty lashes mean that less time is spent perfecting your lash sets because your lash artist has to spend the time to clean your existing lashes before they start your fill. The new set will look more amazing if your lash artist can spend more time lashing than cleaning.

3. Lash extensions are safe for most water activities

Many clients avoid water like the plague for fear of weakening the bonds of their lash extensions. It’s important to know that you don’t have to avoid the water.

4. If you are looking for drama, longer extensions aren’t it

Shorter lashes can give a fuller and more dramatic look than longer lashes because it can give you a bolder look. Longer extensions have a wispier feel to it that may not necessarily mean that it will look more dramatic overall

5. Be sure to speak up

Your lash artist wants you to have the best experience possible, so it’s crucial that you speak up about how you’re feeling while you are getting your lashes done. If you are feeling any burning or itch, it is essential to let your lash artist know. Sometimes, the tape or eye pads can rub your eyes causing potential redness or avoid irritation if you speak up about it.

6. Lash extension maintenance is your responsibility too!

As much as your lash artist can give you a perfect set of eyelash extensions, it is very much the responsibility of our clients to take care of them. It is essential to know that the lifespan of lash extensions depend on its cleanliness, makeup and beauty routines, skin type, growth and shed cycles, as well as seasons. Retention of lash extensions depends on how much care our clients put into keeping them healthy and looking great.

7. Distractions

During a lash extension procedure, it is beneficial if talking is kept at a minimum so that your lash artist can concentrate on creating the best set of extensions for you. Utilize the time during the procedure to relax or take a nap. Bring your headphones and tune out to enjoy the pampering during the session.

8. Avoid your coffee or teas before an appointment

Caffeine can cause your eyes to flutter during a lash extension appointment, which can make it difficult for your lash artist overall. For each lash to bond correctly, it’s better if your eyelids are steadily unmoving. Avoid caffeine at least an hour before your procedure. It’ll make the session go by that much quicker.

9. Longer lashes on the outer corners don’t work with everyone

The cat-eye is supposed to make the eyes look larger, but the look doesn’t work for everyone. Your natural lashes grow shorter on the outer corners and actually cannot support the heavier weight of longer extensions at the ends. It ends up looking droopy, and it isn’t flattering on everyone.

10. If you’ve got to go, go!

Lastly, if you need to visit the restroom, make sure you speak up and go! It’s better to take a quick break than to hold it in and potentially start squirming because you are anxious that you have to go.