3 Things to Know Before Microblading Your Brows

3 Things to Know Before Microblading Your Brows

Microblading has taken the beauty world by storm! This permanent makeup technique delivers bold perfect sculpted brown that you don’t have to fill in. Microblading can change your look substantially or offer natural more low key results. There are a few things to be aware of before you decide to microblade your brows.

Your microblading artist can make or break you

Do not trust just anyone when it comes to your microblading. It is so important that you pick an artist who has the experience and training required to get you those perfect results. Look for someone fully certified who has a portfolio of brows. Their portfolio will give you a better idea if they are the right fit for you.

Microblading is a two step process

Your brows are not finished after your first appointment. Expect a follow-up appointment a few weeks later to see how the pigment has settled and what changes need to be made. Your skin will have healed at this point and pigment may have flaked off, the second appointment will help secure those final beautiful results.

Microblading can feel a bit uncomfortable

While we wouldn’t say it’s necessarily painful, microblading definitely isn’t super pleasant. When getting microbladed, your microblading artist will first apply a topical numbing cream. This cream is left to sit for some time to make sure you are nice and numb. Remember, the artist is literally scratching tiny little etches into your skin, and hundreds of them! The process can take a couple of hours, and rounds of numbing. The numbing cream should take away the burn but you may still feel a bit of sensation as these etches are made.

Yay! You have decided to microblade your brows. Always feel free to ask your artist any questions that you may have. You should feel comfortable and excited during the whole process, especially after that numbing cream! Enjoy your new brows!