5 Gifts to Get the Lash Tech In Your Life

5 Gifts to Get the Lash Tech In Your Life

Gift-giving can be one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season, but there’s nothing better than giving someone a gift that relates to what they’re passionate about. If the recipient is a lash tech, you may struggle to find something that is both practical and heartfelt. In this blog, we will go over five gift ideas for the lash tech (or future lash tech) in your life.

Cosmetic Tool Organizers

Lash technicians can tell you they need a lot of tools to apply gorgeous full sets of lash extensions. Keeping them clean and organized is a must. So, why not provide them with a tool organizer? Look for a sturdy one that’s easy to sanitize, which is sure to make the recipient happy, and keep the client healthy. Organizers that have multiple spaces are ideal since they store everything from lash glue to tweezers, and everything in between! Non-slip bases are a must since the last thing your lash tech needs is to reach for their applicator and the whole organizer goes tumbling to the ground! If you can find one that has a lid – even better! This will keep accidental tip-overs, knock-overs, or bumps from sending everything falling.

Here’s a tip: Transparent cosmetic tool organizers are great! Your lash tech can see what’s inside and what needs to be refilled with just a glance, never having to rummage through and look for items again!

A Daily Planner

Whether they are apprenticing, working at a salon, or running their own business, lash techs need to keep their schedule in order. Unsure of what to get your lash tech, and on a bit of a budget? Go with a daily planner! Not only do they come in great shades, patterns, and textures (think moleskin) but they’re also available in sets and a multitude of sizes! Your lash tech can use a planner to jot down appointments to later input into their calendar, or use it as their calendar – whichever they prefer! The monthly, weekly, and daily agendas of a lash tech can be kept organized and on file. It’s a great way to show your support for their business endeavours.

Here’s a tip: If you can find a place that does it, add some extra flair and personalize their daily planner with their name or nickname. Not only will it be cute, but it’ll be even more personal and heartfelt!

Themed Decor

These days, themed items are everywhere: finding customizable gifts are just a few clicks away thanks to online shopping. There’s no shortage of lash tech-themed items to be found! If your lash tech is proud of their accomplishments in the industry, why not get them something themed to show them you’re proud of their career, too? Look for items such as throw pillows, wall art, and other pieces of decor. Not only can these make their workspace lively, but there’s also variety, so get creative! With different styles, quotes and colours, you can easily design a gift that suits your recipient’s career and personal style.

Here’s a tip: Pair a piece of themed decor with a second, simple gift! Get a lash tech-themed throw pillow with a catchy saying and a soft throw blanket in their favourite colour. Pair that lash tech-themed mug or tumbler with a hot chocolate bomb or whatever hot drink mix they enjoy. It’s easy!

Aromatherapy Kit

If your lash tech works from home, this gift is a must on any list. It’s a simple addition to any space, small enough to put in places where there isn’t much room. Unlike potent-smelling air fresheners, the scent can be interchanged, diluted to be subtle, and completely natural. Many essential oil diffusers are simple to set up, keep clean and use. It sets the relaxing atmosphere for your lash tech’s workspace, and what lash tech wouldn’t want something like that? You can add to the gift by purchasing additional oils to provide more options for your lash tech. Overall, it’s a simple gift to add a cozy touch to a lash studio.

Here’s a tip: If your lash artist isn’t big on aromatherapy, why not get them a mini humidifier instead? The humidity during the drier months of the year will be just as beneficial as a diffuser. Good quality humidifiers can also come in compact sizes and similar features to aromatherapy kits!

Support Your Lash Tech

Not sure if any of the above fits what your lash tech needs? Why not support their business by having them do your lashes? They will appreciate the business and interest you show in their work. Not only will you feel gorgeous and empowered, but you become a walking advertisement of their talents! With the upcoming holiday season it’s the perfect time to go for glamourous: not only will you look amazing, but you’ll also feel amazing knowing you’re supporting that special someone in a competitive industry.

Here’s a tip: If your lash tech is an apprentice, why not help finance their tools? They’ll appreciate the help, and you’ll be supporting their journey to becoming full-fledged lash tech.

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