The Myths and Realities of Properly Cleaning Your Extensions


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Eyelash extensions are a favorite among beauty enthusiasts. They’re simple, they’re adaptable, they’re relatively inexpensive and the difference they make to your face can be astounding. Many people have gotten eyelash extensions from Lash Up and found them to be a lot of fun, and a satisfying addition to their beauty routine. So how do… Read more »

Your Body’s Lash Growth Patterns and What They Mean For Your Extensions

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An amazingly large portion of the beauty and cosmetics industries are devoted to women’s eyelashes. There are products to make them look longer, thicker, fuller, curlier and darker. You can even get products to turn them into unnatural colors! Very few things add the drama and elegance to your look that a set of long… Read more »

Signature vs. Volume Extensions

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Your eyelashes are such a small part of your face that it’s easy to think that they might go unnoticed; and in their natural state, it’s possible that sometimes they will. That’s where Lash Up comes in, with our lines of beautiful lash extensions to help make your eyes as beautiful as you know they… Read more »

Spring Beauty Trends | Eyelash Tips

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Spring has sprung, and with the new season comes hot, new spring beauty trends. This year it’s all about bright, bold colours. Bright Eyes, Beautiful Lips This spring, it’s all about colour. Spring forward into this year’s hottest new make-up trends by purchasing a new shade of bright lipstick, eyeshadow or mascara (and think about… Read more »

5 basic makeup tips

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You can do amazing things with makeup. Makeup can help you look and feel ready for that big job interview, date or other important event. Of course, makeup itself is an art form, and to create those really unbelievable transformations, you need to have a lot of artistic talent.  Fortunately, we don’t need to be artists to… Read more »