Facial Waxing

Facial Waxing

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If you are new to facial waxing, please read our facial waxing 101 information below to learn more and see an overview of what we offer.

Lip Wax


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Full Face Wax

$55 - lip, chin, brows.

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Facial Waxing 101!

Here you will find informative material on what the different types of waxing are, as well as what you should expect when you are looking for quality waxing services. We have a wide range of services available, but clients are often hesitant due to the unknowns of waxing. Let us help you see an overview of what we offer and some helpful information to get you started.

Lip Wax – $15

Lip waxing is best done by a professional that has been trained to minimize the chances of wax burns and scabs. Unlike at home kits, lip waxes at salons and spas are usually formulated to be the most gentle and safe for the face. The upper lip area is probably one of the most sensitive regions to wax. Therefore it’s important to mentally prepare yourself and to be diligent about getting waxed regularly so that the waxing experience can become less painful over time.

Chin Wax – $15

Chin waxing is in the area under your lip to just under your jawbone and is waxed according to your preferences. Consistent waxing routines will help prevent recurring hair growth in the area. Your chin will be left feeling smooth and soft, allowing makeup application to be made with ease.

Brow Wax – $25

Our waxing technicians will consult with you to create a brow design that is fitting to your bone structure and face shape. They will then strategically trim, wax, tweeze, and powder (if you so wish) your eyebrows, followed by a relaxing brow massage. You will not have to worry about busy eyebrows anymore after a full-service brow wax.

Full Face Wax – $55

Our full face waxing services include the waxing of your upper lip, chin, and eyebrows as described above.

Knowing the different types of services offered, you may be wondering about other details like the experience of the technicians, the benefits to waxing, safety, and frequency of waxing recommended. Here are some features to consider:

Level of Experience

Our technicians are expertly trained and professional, they believe in creating an ultimate experience for our clients and will not hesitate to go above and beyond to give you the best service. We believe so much in the quality of our services that we believe in 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, you may be unhappy with the service you got, we encourage you to let us know, and we will do our very best to amend the service you received.


If you are used to shaving the chin, upper lip, and eyebrow areas of your face, then you may notice the after-shave stubble that can come about a few days to a week later. When you shave, the hair is cut merely at the surface of your skin, leaving behind a broken strand of hair that creates a rough stubble when it starts to grow back. Shaving is convenient. However, it doesn’t give the last lasting effects as well as the fantastic final results that come from waxing.

Waxing removes the entire hair, including the roots, which can allow your face to stay smooth for up to 2 weeks, where shaving may last only up to 5 days. You are much more likely to potentially cut or bruise your skin when you remove facial hair, but with waxing, there are zero chances of getting nicked or irritated on your skin’s surface. Depending on how quickly your hair grows back, facial waxing may be the best option to give you the results you’ve always wanted.

Waxing is also beneficial because a technician can precisely sculpt your eyebrows just the way you want them shaped. You have full control over which areas you would like to have your hairs removed, which is outstanding compared to what you can do with a shaver.

You will also notice that the hair growth will lessen over time with waxing, allowing you to take less frequent trips to get waxing services. Waxing causes the roots of your hairs to be removed, causing the follicles to cease the growth of hair in the area. Overall, it is more cost-effective and relatively inexpensive compared to laser hair removal, making waxing an excellent choice to consider for your hair removal options.

Frequency of Service

Facial waxing services should be done every 3-4 weeks, depending on the rate of growth. Some clients may come in more frequently, while others may have longer durations in between visits. One thing to look forward to, fortunately, is that as you stay consistent with your waxing routines, the frequency of your visits will eventually go down. Waxing causes hair growth to slow down over the long-run, giving you the freedom to one day not have to worry about waxing anymore.


Facial waxing is very safe, especially when done professionally by a waxing technician that has the experience and know-how in providing a waxing experience that is seamless. A technician knows how to best work with your skin to ensure that you have reduced pain when getting waxed in the sensitive areas of your eyebrows, upper lip, and chin areas. Waxing with a professional is much safer than using at-home waxing kits because they know how to avoid or minimize the possibilities of skin irritations from waxing.

Depending on the sensitivities of your skin, you may also experience mild redness and tenderness temporarily after waxing. Your skin may be sensitive to touch, but it is nevertheless safe as the coloration, and mild pain will generally fade away. For clients with extremely sensitive skin, a rash or a breakout after a facial wax may occur. However, with the gently formulated waxes used, the chances of these occurrences are low.

Remember that when you wax, your pores are open due to the removal of the entire hair follicle. As such, it is important to remember to exfoliate, as well as avoiding hot baths and showers, tanning, public swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and steam rooms. Your freshly waxed skin is more prone to bacteria and possible infections, so it’s best to stay away from publicly used facilities.