Lash Care during Colder Months

Lash Care during Colder Months

Lash care and beauty routines become more important when the weather ! As we know it, the dry oncoming weather can wreak havoc on our skin and hair if we don’t correctly take care of it. It is also the case for our lash extensions during the colder months of the year. Humidity levels and dropping temperatures can cause our lashes to stop growing. The disruption in the lash growth cycle can be a cause for our clients’ lashes to fall out earlier than usual. The lack of moisture in the hair also means that lash extensions can become brittle. What lessons in lash care can be applied? Here are best last care tips to maintain the best beauty routines for lash enthusiasts during colder months.

What’s in your moisturizer?

When it comes to lash care, that do you do when the temperature drops, and it’s dry out? You double up on your moisturizers of course! When it comes to moisturizing around your eyes, make sure you check the ingredients of your moisturizer as certain ingredients can be detrimental to the longevity of your lash extensions. Items such as wax, glycerin, and oils can break down the bonds in the adhesives, which can cause your extensions to fall off before its time. Make sure that you are using oil-free products around the eyes, or avoid the eyes entirely if your moisturizer is oil-based.

Avoid contact while in hot tubs, steam rooms, and saunas

Lash extensions and lash adhesives are safe within any environments where there is a lot of steam, such as in saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms. However, to ensure utmost lash care, it is to keep your hands clear from your eyes and lashes while in these rooms. Heat can cause adhesives to soften, thus loosening the bonds. If you rub at your extensions during these times, the relaxed bonds can cause the extensions to pop off your natural lashes. It would be best if you rest assured that once you’re out of the extreme heat, the bonds will return to normal once cooled.

Being on top of your supplements

They say that beauty comes from within, and there’s no more valid statement when it comes to lash care. During colder months, it is essential that you stay on top of your multivitamins if you are someone that takes your health seriously. By incorporating vitamins B, D, and E into your regular diet, you are more likely to have healthier eyelashes to prolong the longevity of your lash extensions. Whether that’s taking a daily multivitamin or having a healthy diet of leafy greens, vitamins such as B12 and D can strengthen your hair and increase your hair growth. The extra effort in taking care of your skin and hair health will give your lashes the boost they need to survive the cold and dry months ahead.

Schedule ahead for fills

During warmer months, you can probably get by with fill appointments every two to three weeks. However, during dry seasons, it’s essential to book in more appointments in between to maintain the look you want to keep. Your lash artist will remove and replace any twisted or outgrown lash extensions, especially those that are brittle or loose. They can increase the fullness with capping and monitoring your lash health in between the shorter times between visits. Your lash extension professional will be able to help you avoid excessive seasonal shedding and stress on your natural eyelashes, as well as premature loss of lash extensions.

Keep your lash line moisturized

Did you know that you can moisturize your lash line as part of your lash care routing to keep your lashes from becoming dry and brittle and risk falling out? Linseed oil and Castor oils are excellent sources of supplementation to promote natural lash growth. Just try to avoid applying it too closely to your lash extensions. You can also find special serums specially formulated to be safe to be used to lash extensions. They may contain extracts that are herb or plant-based that can promote growth as well as moisturize the lash extensions.

Use a gel-based cleanser

When it comes to cleaning around your lash extensions during the winter months, consider using a gel-based cleanser that can promote moisture without ruining your lash extensions as you would with an oil-based cleanser. They are gentle on your extensions, yet work correctly at cleaning them as a part of your daily beauty routine. You can find high-quality products for eyelash extensions and microblading here.