Lash Care During Summer Months

Lash Care During Summer Months

Things are heating up across Alberta! While our golden tanned skin and fresh face glow are happy, our lashes are not. There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to proper lash care in the summer months.

4 Tips for Beautiful Lashes in the Summer

Keep Sweat and Sunscreen Off Your Lashes – Sweat contains salt deposits and natural oils and when left on your lashes, it can cause a buildup. When applying sunscreen, make sure to avoid the eye area and lashes as some brands have ingredients that can wreak havoc on your lashes and cause poor retention. Rinsing lashes after activities is a must.

Rinse Lashes After Swimming – When jet-setting to a tropical paradise or beach getaway abounding with saltwater, make sure to take your lash extension-safe cleanser with you. Why? After any exposure to saltwater, you should cleanse your lashes immediately. This is because the saltwater is reactive to the lash adhesive and can break down the bond quicker than when exposed to regular water.

Remove Makeup & Wash Lashes – This applies year-round: it is so important to keep your lashes clean. Using an oil-free makeup remover to remove eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc is a must. Cleansing your lashes with a gentle facial cleanser or baby shampoo will remove any dust, oils, buildup from makeup, or salt deposits from sweat or tears. Clean lashes will prevent premature lash shedding and keep that retention strong.

Maintain Regular Fills – Summer is the perfect time for traveling. Keep your clients on schedule whether they are the ones taking off for a trip or if you are taking a few days for R&R. They’ll appreciate having an appointment pre-booked and avoiding a wait-list!

Eyelash extensions make summer beauty effortless. It is easy to follow the above tips to keep your lashes strong, fresh, and gorgeous all summer long!