Lash Up’s Signature Eyelash Extension Styles

Lash Up’s Signature Eyelash Extension Styles

Eyelash extensions may seem like something reserved for celebrities to make a statement on the red carpet, but that’s so far from the truth! While some lash extension styles do create plenty of drama, others are designed to be more subtle. At Lash Up, we have 4 different styles of eyelash extensions so you can find the perfect one for your personal style.

Naturally You

These lashes are best described as “your natural lashes, only better.” They create a very subtle look that isn’t immediately obvious. Naturally You lashes extensions make your lashes look thicker and longer, but don’t add any curl.

Natural Swoop

This is the gold standard in lash extensions. They are perfect for all different eye shapes, types of natural eyelashes, and work with many different personal styles. Natural Swoop extensions adds thickness and length to your natural lashes with a naturally enhanced swoop for a little bit of drama!

Doll Face

Doll Face eyelash extensions create that dramatic look that many women look for. They have an emphasized upward swoop that make your eyes look as big as a dolls – hence the name! If you want your eyelashes to cause an uproar when you walk into the room, then these are the extensions that you’ve been looking for.

Flared Feline

Pining after those dramatic cat-eye looks that were big in the 1950s and 1960s? Fret not – Flared Feline eyelash extensions is exactly what you’re looking for! These lashes have big curl and are tapered to be longer on the outside of the eye. This intense extensions aren’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to make a big statement with a big lash look, this is the style for you.

Whatever your signature look, Lash Up’s technicians can work with you to find your perfect style. Read about our eyelash extension options or book your appointment right away!