Popular Lash Extension Styles

Popular Lash Extension Styles

What’s great about lash extensions is their versatility and the ability to have them fit every preference.

Everyone has a specific and often unique taste in their clothing that makes them feel beautiful. Here are a few different eyelash extension styles that will have you instantly feeling gorgeous.

At Lash Up we have our signature styles but are able to totally customize your set to your unique desires. Read below for a good starting point!


A favorite lash style, the doll eyelash extensions are ideal for a broad set or downturned eyes. It uses either volume or hybrid lashes, with longer lashes in the middle of the eyelash instead of the corners. This placement will “open up” your eyes and make them appear bigger.


Seen in magazine and runways alike, cat eyelashes are in hot demand. If your eyes are round, close-set, these different eyelash extension styles are the one for you. The cat eye style works best with classic lashes and places the longest ones at the outside corners giving an exotic cat-like appearance.


Unlike the cat or doll extension styles, the staggered is just that, a mixture of long and short eyelashes combined throughout. No one area receives the longest lashes. This style is best for those with plenty of natural lashes and is an excellent option for a full appearance. The staggered extension style does not work well with classic or hybrid lashes.


These different eyelash extension styles will have you standing out in the crowd yet looking natural. These extensions require classic lashes as hybrid and volume lashes are too thick. This is great for most eye shapes and lash types and great for daily wear. If you’ve never had lashes before or you’re looking to subtly open up your eyes this is a really effective look. If you are seeking a natural look, the natural eyelash extension style is perfect for any eye shape.

Your stylist will customize your lash extension application by adding different lengths, volume, and curls that add sparkle you’ve always dreamt of having naturally. Eyelash extensions designed to give you the look you want, your personal set of eyelash extensions will make you feel pretty and put together when you step out of bed in the morning!

Whether you are looking for a natural appearance or a more dramatic look, your expert lash expert will go over all the eyelash extension appointment and will tailor different eyelash extension styles for your eye!