Tis’ the Season to be Shedding? Oh No!

Tis’ the Season to be Shedding? Oh No!

Summer has come and gone, and the fall is officially here. For some, this is the most exciting and warm-season yet, with the beautiful change of colours outside, crisp mornings, and, most of all, pumpkin-spiced everything. However, not everyone is excited about the upcoming colder weather.

With the change in season comes the inevitable change in our lashes as well. We have found that our clients come in more frequently during autumn, and they are all coming in for the same reason – their lashes falling out and losing your natural eyelashes after an eyelash extension procedure is commonplace. Approximately one to five lashes are lost every day because they have outgrown every stage of growth. Typically, the mature lash would have had a lifespan of a couple of months, but this is not the case during fall and winter months where lashes may shed more frequently.

Here’s the real deal about your natural lashes: On average, all eyelashes last somewhere between 60 to 90 days. The single lash goes through phases of growth – active growth phase, the transitional phase, and the resting phase. Your lashes initially go through active growth phase, otherwise known as anagen, which lasts anywhere between 15-20 days. After that, the transitional (catagen) period takes over for approximately 14-21 days. Lastly, natural lashes go through the resting, or telogen, phase for 30-45 days.

The increase of lash shedding can begin as early as mid-summer, where the heightened temperatures may cause lash hairs to go into resting phase, thus stopping growth altogether. It is why clients experience increased shedding over the next month or two, which ties into the start of fall.

Besides the heat, changes in the humidity in the air can affect the growth cycle of your natural lashes, as well. During the autumn months, our skin is more likely to be drier, which plays a role in the health of our hair. Hair follicles are less likely to get the nourishment it needs for the lashes to grow during the drier season, thus causing lashes to be brittle and more likely to fall out before their full life-span.

As an eyelash specialist, it is essential to be aware of these signs to avoid total melt-downs from your clients. Make sure you educate them on what to expect to help them over their panic. Inform your clients during their appointment that some individuals may have more lash shedding during the colder months, and it is normal. Once you see your clients, be sure to check for whether the lash loss is due to fall shedding, and not due to other reasons that could cause premature shedding. Clients that are missing their lashes in the transitional phase are more likely to be due to lashes overloaded with excess weight.

The best thing to do during the colder months is to book your clients earlier. Explain to them that the fall shed is an inconvenience, but it is entirely reasonable to expect. Normalize the situation for your clients and help them understand that more substantial shedding means more frequent fills in between. Encourage clients that are experiencing lash loss to book their fills in two weeks instead of the standard 3-4 weeks. It will ensure that their lash extensions look their very best all season long.

Another thing you can do for your clients is to promote products that help with the retention of the lash life cycle. Your clients’ natural lashes will still shed, but with certain types of adhesives, their lashes are less likely to fall off prematurely. Promoting retention will give eyelash extensions a chance to fall out naturally along with natural lashes after it had lived its full lash life cycle. Choosing the right adhesive to ensure a lasting hold during the drier months is essential. Pick a versatile glue with an ideal RH range of 20-75% so that the bonds will survive through the drier season. You can check for the relative humidity and temperature to determine the right adhesive for your client. So, let your clients in on your secrets of retaining natural and beautiful eyelash extensions this fall and winter. They’ll for sure thank you for it!