What is the Difference Between C and D Lashes

What is the Difference Between C and D Lashes

“C-Lashes” and “D-Lashes”, better known as C-Curl and D-Curl lashes, are popular for trendy eyelash extensions. It’s no wonder why: one favors the natural while the other creates a dramatic flourish. It can be hard to recognise which is which when you are new to eyelash extensions. In this article we will teach you the differences between C-Curl and D-Curl lashes, and factors to consider for application.

What Are C-Lashes and D-Lashes?

Many sets of eyelashes are a combination of these two curls. Application needs to be performed by skilled lash artists since they require high lashing expertise.


The most natural curls are advisable for eyelash extensions such as Classic, Volume, Hybrid, etc. C-Curl lashes have a balanced look, creating a medium opening effect, suitable for everyday wearing. They have a curl of 60 degrees.


This extension is curvier than a C-Lash as it has a 70-degree angle. The D-Lash’s bigger curl (a dramatic curl), helps create a doll-eye effect. Typically, it’s a look for special occasions or for clients who prefer the spotlight.

Which Should I Choose: C-Lashes or D-Lashes?

Lash technicians need to help their clients understand the features of both lashes, so they can make an informed decision based on their personality and style preferences. There are four key factors to consider in deciding which type of lash will suit a client best:

What Effect Is Wanted?

Technicians should consider the client’s natural lash to guide them towards the most appropriate extension. C-Curl lashes are intended for clients with a slight curl in their natural lash and will create an open-eye effect. D-Curl lashes are very similar, just curlier! They are intended for a client with a slight-dramatic natural curl who wants a dramatic look! These lashes will brighten and widen the eye and give a very visible curled effect. For even more lift, go with volume D-Curl lashes.

What Do the Natural Lashes Look Like?

Accordingly, C-Lashes will apply to straight upward lashes, strong lashes but sparse density, or in some cases where straight lashes are too short and need to increase length and curl. For D-Lashes, one must note that this is a more dramatic curl than the C-Lashes. This curl is perfect for straight-up lashes, drooping lashes, or lashes with long and moderately curled but uneven. The effect of D-Lashes is a large opening of the eyes, accompanied by fuller and more attractive eyelashes. Like C-Lashes, D-Lashes also have essential specifications such as thickness, length, and material that you need to grasp.

What is the Eye Shape?

The eye shape will play a big part in how either will affect the look of the eyes. For monolids, with slightly droopy, or narrow eyes, C-Lashes are an ideal option. Almond or round eyes can also use C-Lashes to help the eyelashes become elegant and the eyes more alive. D-Lashes are excellent for naturally accentuating deep eyes, hooded eyes, monolids, or far sets of eyes. With a touch of a dramatic look, you can surely conquer any desire.

What Lash Sets Are Wanted

After the above two assessments about C-Lashes vs D-Lashes, it’s time to decide on choosing the right lash style for your client. The effect of C-Lashes is lightness, a moderate opening to make a better change for the eyes but still keep things looking natural. A C-Curl will be suitable for natural, gentle eyelash extensions, making slight changes to eyelash sets such as the Classic look, a simple Volume look, or a hybrid of the two. D-Lashes will be a perfect choice for eyelashes that need impressive effects such as Volume, Hybrid, Doll, Wispy, Cat eyes, Fox eyes, etc. Thus, you will have many suitable choices when consulting with clients.

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