Why Lash Extensions are Great for Brides

Why Lash Extensions are Great for Brides

It’s officially wedding season! Pop the champagne, get a spray tan, and put on your dancing shoes. We love wedding season and for good reason too. This time of the year is extra busy for lash techs as brides and wedding guests look for a way to feel their best.

Why Lash Extensions are a Must for Brides

Whether you’re wiping a tear, gazing lovingly at your groom, or giving your best doe eyes to the camera lens, your eyes take center stage on your wedding day. So when you want to enhance your natural lashes lash extensions are a perfect addition to your bridal makeup routine! Long, luxe eyelashes can completely transform your look. Brightening your eyes, voluminous fringed lashes can make your eyes appear larger and more awake while instantly glamming up your appearance. It makes sense that more and more brides are considering eyelash extensions before their weddings as opposed to gluing on a set of disposable lashes.

When Should Brides Get their Lash Extensions?

We recommend getting a new set a few days before your big day! If you get your lashes more than three weeks before the wedding or honeymoon, you’ll likely need to get a fill before the wedding to fill in any unsightly gaps.

How Long Will Lash Extensions Last After the Wedding?

Honeymooners, good news — your gorgeous, fluttering lashes will last far beyond your big day. Because the extensions adhere to your natural follicles, they shed along with your lashes. Because your lashes’ life cycle lasts about six to eight weeks, you can expect your extensions to stick just as long.

Ready for your full set? Get in touch with our team to figure out the perfect time for you to get your extensions pre-wedding, then make your appointment with an experienced beauty pro who will handily apply your fluttering, full lashes. All you have to look forward to is your big day — and the glam you’ll be rocking, starting with a fresh set of faux lashes.